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offshore Accident Lawyer Alexandria, Lousiana

Accidents Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Working in the oil and gas industry can be a dangerous business. It’s one of the most important and needed occupations, but sometimes the risks deter candidates from applying. Although offshore companies take precautions to prevent injuries, accidents occasionally happen, and when they do, we’ll be by your side.

Equipment Errors

Working with heavy machinery such as drills or cranes opens up the possibility for injury. When equipment fails or malfunctions, the operator and any workers nearby are put at risk of serious harm.

Fires and Explosions

Working with combustible materials is a necessary part of the oil and gas workforce. When these materials aren’t stored properly or come into contact with even the smallest spark, disaster could strike.
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Falling Objects

A quite common injury for those who work in the offshore industry results from falling objects. When machinery breaks and materials fall loose, the resulting damage can be devastating.

Slips and Falls

Every job comes with the risks of slipping, tripping or falling, but the oil industry seems to increase that risk, and injuries can be quite severe. What happens if you fall?

Chemical Hazards

Chemical hazards include explosive materials, cleaning products and a multitude of other scenarios. Any workers who come in direct contact with these hazards could become seriously ill.

Safety Violations

Every company must work within a set of safety rules or guidelines. This protects both employees and consumers from harm. These guidelines aren’t always followed, however, which can have fatal consequences.

Seek the Professionals

We all want to believe that the company employing our loved one or us is good and reputable. We’d like to believe that, if something goes wrong, they’ll own up to it. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In fact, it’s rarely the case. If you have been injured doing on-the-job offshore work, contact our office today to get the legal representation you need.