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Medical Malpractice Lawyer Alexandria, Louisiana

Do You Have a Case?

Medical malpractice cases are complicated, and many attorneys require you to have a pretty solid case before even accepting the chance to represent you. The reason it’s so complex is because it’s a tough line to distinguish. Was it a simple mistake or a case of negligence on your practitioner’s part? Determining if you have a solid case depends on a few factors.
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The first thing to consider is the expectation of care that your doctor should have met. Were they required to perform specific tests before surgery, or to meet certain safety guidelines? Do some research on what is expected of your doctor during a specific test or at a particular office.


After you’ve determined the expectations placed before your doctor, we can determine if those expectations were met. Yes, they should meet certain safety expectations. Yes, they were required to perform specific tests before surgery. The real question is, did they?


The last item to consider before moving forward with your malpractice case is the resulting consequence of your doctor’s actions. Did their failure to meet expectations cause you or your loved one harm? Is your health worse off as a result of their actions? If so, you’ve got a case.

Choose a Specialist

Even after determining that you have a solid case, the legal hoops surrounding a malpractice suit are vast. Every state has different laws regarding malpractice and proving negligence is often extremely difficult. Malpractice Law is a very specific and tricky field, which makes choosing the right representative imperative. Choose someone with a good reputation and lots of experience. Choose someone who specializes in medical negligence cases.

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